CinnaMini food concession trailer was built from an empty trailer in the summer of 2012 by entrepreneur James Yoder.  As an experienced skilled craftsman and engineer by trade, Jim applied all his hard earned talents to create this ‘Mobile Kitchen’ to serve many locations each year.  I invite you look into our windows, both front and rear to be amazed at the attention to detail built into the kitchen and serve areas.  CinnaMini was born with the idea that we can provide our customers with the best tasting Donuts, Cinnamon Rolls, and Coffee along with seasonal Hot and Cold beverages by using state of the art equipment and the highest quality ingredients.  We greet you with a smile as we strive to make your experience with CinnaMini a pleasure to your taste buds.  Please join us at a venue listed on our schedule and Facebook page.  Join us in both Cedar Rapids and Iowa City on Saturday mornings.  We promise to ‘wake you up’ with our hospitality and great aroma from cooking your favorite selection. GO Hawks!